07. April 2021 Industry Symposium about CRP Lp(a) and hydration is organized by Kaneka Medical Europe N.V. together with Pentracor at the 87th Annual Meeting of the DGK.

Each presentation:

  1. Introduction - Prof. Dr. Michael Buerke and Prof. Dr. Felix Mahfoud (moderator)
  2. C-reative protein increases myocardial damage after STEMI: Results of the CAMI1 Study - Prof. Dr. Cristoph Garlichs
  3. CRP Apheresis after myocardial infraction: the CAMI-Registry - Prof. Dr. Jan Toruewski
  4. Lipoprotein (a) - Apheresis Lp (a) an cardiovascular risk factor: often over- or underestimated - Dr. Wolfgang Ramlow
  5. Prevent contrast-induced nephropathy: When and how hydration? - Dr. Sebastian Ewen
  6. Final discussion - Prof. Dr. Felix Mahfoud