Real-time hydration therapy to reduce acute renal failure after contrast administration (PC-AKI).

RenalGuard is a liquid balancing system that measures the amount of urine exactly and automatically introduces the same volume in real time as a replacement liquid. Patients who are connected to the RenalGuard system receive a diuretic (furosemide) before the start of the procedure, which ensures that a high urine flow is achieved. This is believed to dilute the contrast medium needed and flush it through the kidney faster. In addition to use in the cardiac catheter laboratory, there are other areas of application for RenalGuard in vascular surgery, angiology and interventional radiology. Studies have shown that the use of RenalGuard during a procedure in the cardiac catheter laboratory with contrast medium significantly reduces kidney damage.1,2,3,4


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RenalGuard® is CE certified and sold worldwide. Kaneka Medical Europe N.V. is the new exclusive distributor for RenalGuard Solutions, Inc. products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


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