Whole blood adsorption

This treatment removes LDL and Lp(a) directly from whole blood using the Liposorber® D.
The blood is cleaned and returned to the patient described as follows:

1. Access to Blood
Usually arm veins are used for the treatment, in which blood is taken from one arm and pumped through the LIPOSORBER® D system. The blood is then returned to the patient to the same (caution: avoid recirculation!) or the other arm.

2. Anticoagulation (Blood Thinning)
Anticoagulation is necessary for all treatments in which blood is treated extracorporeal. Heparin and citrate are used to prevent blood clotting.

3. Removal of LDL and Lp(a)
The blood enters the LIPOSORBER® D system after it is anticoagulated continuously by citrate. The dextran sulfate adsorption column LIPOSORBER® D removes LDL and Lp(a). All parts, getting in contact with the patient’s blood, are sterile, used for one treatment only and are discarded after the treatment is completed.

4. Blood Return
After the targeted blood volume is cleaned, the blood is returned completely to the patient.

The entire procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours.

The LIPOSORBER® D whole-blood apheresis system, exhibits system convenience and high efficiency combined with a short treatment time. 
The LIPOSORBER® D treatment can used either on the MA-03 or the DX-21 machine as operating device.

  • LIPOSORBER® DL-100 (2 x DL-50 in series)

Flow scheme – Extracorporeal Circuit of Direct Hemoperfusion

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