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We are always looking forward to provide our customers with the newest updates on the CHD and atherosclerosis sector and summarize this information on a regular basis for you. Kaneka is also participant and exhibitor at the following symposia / congresses, where we would like to welcome you. Take the chance and meet our Kaneka team at the following events.


07. April 2021 Industry Symposium about CRP Lp(a) and hydration is organized by Kaneka Medical Europe N.V. together with Pentracor at the 87th Annual Meeting of the DGK.

Each presentation:

  1. Introduction - Prof. Dr. Michael Buerke and Prof. Dr. Felix Mahfoud (moderator)
  2. C-reative protein increases myocardial damage after STEMI: Results of the CAMI1 Study - Prof. Dr. Cristoph Garlichs
  3. CRP Apheresis after myocardial infraction: the CAMI-Registry - Prof. Dr. Jan Toruewski
  4. Lipoprotein (a) - Apheresis Lp (a) an cardiovascular risk factor: often over- or underestimated - Dr. Wolfgang Ramlow
  5. Prevent contrast-induced nephropathy: When and how hydration? - Dr. Sebastian Ewen
  6. Final discussion - Prof. Dr. Felix Mahfoud


This week’s episode is a follow-up from a previous episode published back in February called ‘Into the Flow: AKI Prevention with RenalGuard’, which centered around RenalGuard and the ability to prevent Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) through its use in percutaneous interventions. For part two, we are exploring the use of RenalGuard in cardiac surgery and how implementing this device translates to improved patient outcomes and management.

 Download MP3 (mp 34:46 mins)

Joining the podcast this time is Dr Heyman Luckraz, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, American Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who has studied the use of RenalGuard to reduce AKI in cardiac surgery patients in a randomized controlled trial. The incidence of cardiac surgery associated AKI is around 30%, and Dr Luckraz will be discussing the findings of ICU and hospital stays, touching on long-term renal follow-up, and quality of life amongst other topics. This podcast is supported by a grant from KANEKA Medical.


We attended the ESMINT 2021 Congress in Nice, France (08.09.-10.09.2021)

There we exhibited our products:

  1. ED-Coil and
  2. RenalGuard


It was a successful congress and we are looking forward for the next one. 

Learn more about ED-Coil: https://lnkd.in/eJ-EHzta
Learn more about RenalGuard: https://lnkd.in/eNBpsh_e

We were taking part at the LINNC online congress in Paris, France (14. - 16.09.2021).

We exhibited our ED Coil products.

Follow the link to learn more about our ED Coil products: https://l.linklyhq.com/l/bPv0 


Into the Flow: AKI Prevention with RenalGuard

In this episode of the EMG-Health Podcast, Dr. Jonathan Sackier interviews Dr. Julien Strange, Consultant Cardiologist at Bristol Heart Institute, University Hospital of Bristol about his views and current practice in the prevention of PC-AKI (Post-Contrast Acute Kidney Injury):

EMG-Health Podcast.mp3