Our History in Europe since 1994

Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V. was founded on October 31st, 1994 in Brussels, Belgium, as independent subsidiary of the parent company Kaneka Corporation in Japan to coordinate and execute distinct operations - like sales, distribution and marketing - concerning medical devices of Kaneka in the European, and later also Middle East, market.

In 1995, a German branch was established in Wiesbaden as a result of the constant improvement of the business. Subsequently, the Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V. German Branch moved to Eschborn where it still resides as of today.

In April 2004, Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V. added a further business segment, namely functional food.

As of March 31st, 2019 altogether 39 employees worked for Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V., increasing steadily.

Innovation for health – Kaneka Medical Europe N.V.

In addition to lipid apheresis Kaneka Medical Europe N.V. is continuously expanding its business activities including exclusive distribution of some non-Kaneka devices.

  • 2001 – Launch of the LIPOSORBER® D DL-75 whole blood apheresis system.
  • 2003 – Introduction of the apheresis machines, DX-21 and MA-03.
  • 2004 – Launch of the LIPOSORBER® D DL-100 whole blood apheresis system.
  • 2007 – Launch of the Thrombuster thrombus aspiration device.
  • 2008 – Launch of the Crusade dual-lumen catheter.
  • 2011 – Launch of the LIXELLE® ß2-microglobulin column.
  • 2015 – Launch of the ED Coil aneurysm coil.
  • 2015 – Start distributing the Remedy bioresorbable vascular scaffold.
  • 2017 – Start distributing the apheresis machine LIPIDsmartTM.
  • 2019 – Start distributing the STEPTYTM adhesive bandage.
  • 2019 - Start distributing products for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.
  • 2020 - Start distributing RenalGuard system.
  • 2023 - Distributing RenalGuard system return to CardioRenal Systems Inc.

In an ongoing process, Kaneka Medical Europe N.V. is developing innovative medical devices aimed at improving the lives of people.

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