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  • HEART UK 35th Annual Medical & Scientific Conference 2022
    Kaneka Medical Europe N.V. is taking part in the HEART UK 35th Annual Medical & Scientific Conference 2022 (06.06 – 08.06.2022). There we are going to exhibit our products: LIPIDsmart.   Conference location and directions: Oculus BuildingUniversity of Warwic...
  • We were here: Linnc Paris 2021
    We were taking part at the LINNC online congress in Paris, France (14. - 16.09.2021).We exhibited our ED Coil products.Follow the link to learn more about our ED Coil products.
  • We were here: Esmint 2021
    We attended the ESMINT 2021 Congress in Nice, France (08.09.-10.09.2021) There we exhibited our products: ED-Coil and RenalGuard It was a successful congress and we are looking forward for the next one.
  • EMG-Health Podcast: Into the flow #2 AKI prevention with RenalGuard
    Into the Flow #2: AKI Prevention with RenalGuard This week’s episode is a follow-up from a previous episode published back in February called ‘Into the Flow: AKI Prevention with RenalGuard’, which centered around RenalGuard and the ability to prevent Acute...

Toward an even more impressive and productive future

Kaneka Medical Europe N.V. focuses on lipoprotein apheresis in the European market. Furthermore, interventional products are part of its main business.

Kaneka Corporation is the parent company of Kaneka Medical Europe N.V. Kaneka is well known for the innovative technologies applied in its medical devices and for building blocks for active pharmaceutical ingredients, macromolecules, fermentation, and bioscience. Kaneka is touching the lives of people all over the world with a nearly infinite number of possibilities enabled by going beyond the boundary of traditional chemistry.